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DTC 200 Club Rules
    There are several areas of responsibility which must be addressed. This page discusses Regional responsibility. The Flight Department will handle all aircraft scheduling and trip planning associated with the Incentive Flights. Here is a look at the individual Passenger Info.

    First, in order for the 200 Club program to run smoothly, each region must have at least one person designated to be responsible for that region's 200 Club data. This person will also be a contact person, both for the store personnel going on their trips, and for the Flight Department to aid in the scheduling and planning of the trips.

    To facilitate that effort, we have provided a 200 Club Form to fill out on this website that will record our newest members as they reach their 200 Club goals. When we are able to schedule a flight for your region, then you can fill out the Schedule Form, listing passenger names and departure information. These forms are only to be filled out by the regional contact person.

    The forms will be automatically sent to the Flight Department, no longer requiring the process of completing and faxing the forms manually.
  • The 200 Club Form must be completed as soon as possible after a store's goal is met.
  • The Schedule Form should be completed 30 days in advance of the scheduled trip.
    The aircraft departs for up to two weeks at a time, requiring that all preparations by the flight crews must take place before departure. Having the forms filled out in advance will allow for the flight department to stock the aircraft properly for all regions involved in the series of trips.

    Thank you for your support in keeping our 200 Club complete and up-to-date!
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