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DTC 200 Club History
    The 200 Club officially began with the first flight on July 24th, 1983. The store was AZP02 in Glendale, which had done $232,635 for the month of June. Even by today's standards, their 4211 units sold is still a very strong achievement. The late Kim Lobb was the store manager, assisted by Matt Malley. Matt is now a Senior Vice President, Store Operations.

    The flight was originally to be a reward for the first store to punch through the $200,000 barrier. The Metro Center store had previously negotiated the flight with Bruce Halle, thinking they would be the first to achieve the $200,000 level for one month of sales. Ironically, it was Kimıs store in Glendale, which actually achieved the sales goal and the trip.

    The company's first Learjet, N28BG, took to the skies from Scottsdale that morning, carrying the first 200 Club members - Kim, Matt, and the gang. They flew off to Aspen, Colorado, where they enjoyed a meal of fresh trout at a local tavern and then shopped and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Aspen. On their return, the pilots gave them a tour of Lake Powell - all in all, a very nice reward for a spectacular company achievement!

    Including that first incentive flight, we have now accomplished 1308 flights! We have carried a grand total of 9877 passengers from all company regions to fun destinations all over the country as a bonus for their hard work! The actual incentive program has gone through several different administrative features, but it basically remains the same today:
  • Any store achieving the $200,000 sales level for one month for its first time qualifies.
  • All full-time employees in that store who have not been on a previous incentive flight, and their wives or guests, are eligible to go on the flight.
  • The manager of the achieving store is always eligible to go, regardless of whether he has been on a previous flight.
    This program has prevailed due to the generosity of Mr. Bruce Halle and the dedication of the employees to achieving this goal. On the following pages, you will find the information and resources that you will need to keep track of your 200 Club achievers and schedule their flights.
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